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Welcome to the Provance IT Service Management Readme. This Readme contains important information about the latest release.

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System Requirements


Updated Material


Installing for the First Time


Upgrade Precautions & Methods


What's New in This Release




This Readme covers Provance IT Service Management 2016 for Microsoft® Dynamics 365 (release 1711, version Please review the Deployment Guide for detailed instructions on installing and upgrading the software.


System Requirements

Provance IT Service Management has the following requirements:

The Provance Data Management Server has the following requirements:

Updated Material

This release includes the following materials:

Installing for the First Time

If you are installing IT Service Management for the first time, you will find complete installation instructions in the Provance Deployment Guide. Also included in the Deployment Guide are instructions for installing the Provance Data Management Server and the ITSM Self-Service Portal. Once you have installed ITSM, the Deployment Guide provides initial set up instructions. Further configuration of ITSM and the Provance Self-Service Portal are provided in the Configuration Guide.

Upgrade Precautions and Methods

Upgrades to ITSM are supported only on Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0 and above. ITSM upgrades can be performed on ITSM 1703 and 1705. Any previous versions of ITSM must be installed manually. Please contact Provance Support for assistance.

Before You Begin

Before you begin an upgrade, unregister all applicable deprecated plugins as listed in Deprecated Items in ITSM. For example, if you are upgrading from 3.0.9.x to 3.0.14.x, then you should attempt to unregister 3.0.11.x and 3.0.14.x plugins, even if you did not install 3.0.11.x.

NOTE: Language warnings will occur during installation of ITSM solutions if you do not have the required language packs installed. Install the language packs suggested in the warnings if you intend to use ITSM in another language.

To Install Solutions Manually

  1. In Dynamics 365 navigate to Settings > Solutions.
  2. Click Import.
  3. On the Import Solution dialog click Choose File.
  4. Navigate to the Provance ITSM folder of the release package.
  5. The solutions are numbered consecutively, beginning with 000, then 010, 020, 030. Select the first solution, ITSM000Foundation, and continue installing all the solutions in the order they appear.
  6. During the import of a solution, do not check the option Stage for upgrade.
  7. If you encounter an error with the ITSM080Assemblies solution due to a problem with the plugin assembly, correct it with the SDK as follows:
    1. Download the SDK.
    2. Navigate to the Tools > Plugin Registration folder of the SDK.
    3. Launch the Plug in Registration application.
    4. Click +Create New Connection.
    5. Select the correct Dynamics 365 instance.
    6. Select the AlfaPeople.CRM.ITSM.Plugins and click Unregister. The assembly is unregistered.
  8. Once the solutions are installed, refer to the Deployment Guide for Configuration and Post Deployment steps.

Upgrading the Self-Service Portal

To upgrade the self-service portal, perform the following:

  1. In Dynamics 365 navigate to Settings > Solutions.
  2. Click Import.
  3. Import the solution found in the file.
  4. Use the Data Migration Utility to import the data file

This process ensures that any customizations you performed to the self-service portal are maintained.

Post Upgrade Check

When the upgrade is complete, ensure that you check both the Product Settings and the Auto Number Settings (under Provance Settings) to ensure that the values you configured for ITSM are set as expected. This is a precaution to ensure that upon an upgrade of master data, the values for these settings have not been changed.

What's New in This Release

The items described here are categorized by product and reflect the changes included in this release:



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